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Romans 16 Women with Marg Mowczko

December 14, 2022 Season 1 Episode 35
Recovering God Podcast
Romans 16 Women with Marg Mowczko
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Show Notes

Marg Mowczko  describes herself as an ordinary person who loves God and loves the Bible.  She hosts a website exploring the biblical theology of Christian egalitarianism. She  believes that God’s ideal is for complete affinity, unity, and mutuality between men and women, especially between husband and wife.
In this episode, Marg talks to Sarah M-H & Amy about her experience and faith. She looks particularly at some of the women mentioned in the Bible in Romans chapter 16.

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If you are in Australia and want to  hear more from Marg, she is  speaking at a conference in February 2023. It is a symposium for women interested in what the Bible teaches about women:

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